University of Pennsylvania New College House Dormitory

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University of Pennsylvania
New College House Dormitory
Completion June 2016

New College House is a dormitory and was constructed on what used to be Hill Field occupying the block between 33rd and 34th Streets on the south side of Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.  Work was performed direct for the University, the General Contractor was Intech.   ACC relocated approximately 1000 optical fiber strands to relocated duct banks in preparation for the site work to commence for the project.  Subsequently, ACC was the awarded the network and communication construction for the project.  The work included a build out of an MDF and 10 IDFS.  New redundant OSP building feeds were installed to accommodate optical, multi-pair copper and hard line coaxial feed requirements (Data, limited analog voice and balanced CATV distribution respectively).  These backbone compliments were duplicated from the MDF out to 10 IDF locations, build-out of all consolidation locations and category 6 station wire to over 1000 points and over 600 coaxial cables feeding all MATV requirements.

ACC also installed a Public Safety Radio Amplification System throughout the facility to enhance radio communications for the University and City of Philadelphia Networks in partnership with RF Design and Integration of Bensalem, PA.