Temple University – Charles Library

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Completed – Summer of 2019

Atlantic Coast Communications performed all inter and intrabuilding connectivity for the new library on Temple University’s Philadelphia Campus.  The site contains a robotic Automated Storage and Retrieval System, also known as Book Bot.  This cavernous space, 55’ high x 120’ long x 75’ wide within the library has the capacity to house over 2 million books and publications that are retrieved via a robotic system that accesses 35,388 bins.  The storage vault and robotic retrieval systems are visible from the second floor viewing area and controlled by the communications infrastructure that our team was tasked with installing. 

Our work included distribution to the building from the campus backbone system and throughout the interior distribution plant including Single Mode and OM-4 connectivity and the construction of an MDF or MTR (Main Telephone Room) and four IDFs or TRs (Telecom Rooms) to support 1300 stations of category 6 cable throughout.  The work was coordinated with the University’s chosen GC, The Daniel J. Keating Company.  All work was completed according to schedule. The Charles Library by Norwegian design firm Snøhetta has become a destination for the campus population and architectural enthusiast.