Penn Medicine – New Pavilion

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University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia
Completion – November 2021

Penn Medicine’s new Pavilion, one of the largest hospital projects being completed in the United States, has opened as of November 1, 2021, after four and a half years of construction at the site.

The 17-story, plus 5 subterranean levels, x 650-foot-long new bronze-beacon in Philadelphia, at one and a half million square feet is a behemoth.   The site includes 504 private patient rooms and 47 operating rooms.

Atlantic Coast built over 50 communications rooms to support all connectivity for the massive network supporting voice, data, distributed interior cellular equipment, audio-visual systems for medical learning, patient communication, information, and entertainment systems.  The work included more than 4000 feet of ladder runway within the secure distribution rooms, 430 cabinets and 1-ton capacity equipment racks, along with all grounding and bonding of all distribution room related infrastructure components throughout the hospital.

Atlantic Coast also furnished and installed a Corning Solution for all optical back bones along with a copper backbone cables.  The cables facilitated the interconnection of the Telecommunication Distribution Rooms (TDRs) to two distinct Telecommunication Equipment Systems Rooms (TESRs), on the lower levels at the west end and on the upper levels at the east.  All TDRs accommodated the interconnection to other TDRs on each level to allow for diverse feeds to all rooms from two distinct and physically distant sources.  The work also included connections to other University and Medical Campus Locations with University City to accommodate all traffic to the outside world.

The installed backbone (over 10,000 strands of single mode optical fiber and 3200 pairs of category 3 copper) supports over 30,000 category 6A shielded station cables installed throughout the site as part of another contract that we did not perform.  All fiber terminations were performed utilizing Corning Splice on UPC and APC connectors.

Atlantic Coast’s on-site teams also provided planning, site logistics, and installation of 504 patient room entertainment and medical information systems to include 75” displays, all supporting electronics with HDMI connectivity.  The 75” screen and smart board will help patients engage in their care and will allow patients to save, show, and send information to family and care providers.  The patients also have controls at their fingertips for lighting, shades, temperature, and more, so they can personalize the room to their comfort level. Additionally, we installed over 140 Caregility® enhanced patient monitoring systems that allow remote visual and audio communication between the patient and their care team for monitoring higher risk patients.  We were among the first contractors on the site to complete our base bid requirements allowing the data systems to be live over 6 months in advance of the hospitals opening.