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Hamilton New Jersey, Scheduled Completion – November 2021

Atlantic Coast Communications has installed several miles of optical fiber at the Grounds for Sculpture Museum to support an array of technological enhancements at the site.  Atlantic Coast most recently provided design and installation support for the new Night Forms Exhibition.  ACC worked with KLIP Collective, Thrasos Media, and Oliver Communications Group to vision a new museum-wide optical fiber ring that provides new optical connectivity and power availability to the heart of the museum park.

The project includes over 2 miles of directional bore conduits from a centralized headend location in the Motor Exhibit Building to 6 internal substation locations in the internal campus exhibit area.  In tandem with the direction bores, over 2 miles of 48-strand single mode optical cable was installed to support the extended technology into the park.  Each substation provided signal paths to either a theater production pole mounted projector display (13 of these total) or a mini station (18 of these total), which extends light and sound systems to support the video image being displayed at each unique art display on the campus.

The Night Forms project will officially kickoff its inaugural show on November 19th, 2021.