FMC Tower

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FMC Tower
New Construction, 48 Story Commercial and Residential Tower, Philadelphia
Completion December 2016


FMC Tower is a 49 Story Commercial and Residential office tower or Vertical Neighborhood in Philadelphia PA.  ACC performed this work as part of our contract with Turner Construction.  Levels Sub Basement through 26 are for commercial Tenants.  Levels 28 and up are an AKA property and feature short and long term furnished and unfurnished living space.  ACC installed backbone to accommodate all data and limited analog voice connectivity to 46 IDF locations throughout the site.  Additionally we installed all core and shell communications connectivity and interior apartment station wiring for all voice, CATV and data requirements.  The building’s façade lighting is Ethernet controlled and is an iconic skyline spectacle.  Additionally, ACC installed a Public Radio Repeater system to support public safety radio transmission throughout the site.  Work was completed on schedule and to the satisfaction of the GC and owner.