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Multiple sites in Greater Philadelphia Area

Atlantic Coast Communications provides voice, data, wireless, security and optical riser cabling across multiple Century sites.  Century Therapeutics is an industry leader in iPSC-derived NK and T cell therapies.  Atlantic Coast provides owner specific installation services for each of the unique Century sites.  Atlantic Coast assists with System Room layout, wireless surveys and deployments, inter and intrabuilding commercial pathway and raceway planning, inter and intrabuilding optical and multipair risers and overall constructability services.  Atlantic Coast works in tandem with the design and planning teams to assist with integration of the core lab environments, office environments, and overall IP usefulness of each space.  Atlantic Coast provides front end constructability services for each Century site we install.  Pre-construction planning revolves around team calls and meetings that review each IP point that will be deployed at the site, how it will connect to the network and clean room/lab space planning for required IP interconnections required at each technical lab space that provides clinical research for the firm.

Our installation teams have installed over 300,000’ of premium Category 6 twisted pair cable, 5,000’ of Single Mode optical fiber and have built/fit out major server and systems rooms at each site that we have performed work.